Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why I hate public transport

This is why.

Because it would take me 95 minutes to take my children to a farm that is located less than 15 miles away.

That is the quickest option!

And it does not account for the fact that one of us who would have to make the 28 minute walk, after the train and two bus rides, is a little-legged four year old.

So we are probably looking at way over 100 minutes, realistically.

As opposed to 24 minutes in the car I do not own and cannot drive.

Or £30 by taxi.  Each way.

How are these public conveniences?

It is anything but convenient to spend in excess of three hours (or a LOT of money) to take your two small children (and their related paraphernalia) a few miles down the road to stroke a chick.

This is why I hate public transport.


  1. This is why I love living in London! NOwhere is this hard to get to. However, that's let me get away with being phobic about driving and avoiding it where possible, because I always have the excuse that it's quicker/easier on public transport! Now I want to go out of London (like to the Rarebreeds Centre for example) and I'm still scared of driving because I rarely do it! I'm determined to get over that. Tomorrow I'm going to drive my husband to Heathrow airport and hopefully I'll be confident enough to come down to Matilda Mae's walk by car soon. WIsh me luck!

    1. Cities are much better at the whole public transport thing - we country folk seem to suffer though. Everywhere is a struggle to get to!
      Good luck with the drive tomorrow, you will be fine. We have train tickets (and a hotel!) booked for Matilda's walk, hope to see you there :)