Saturday, 23 March 2013

Jasmine's 4th birthday party

I have been meaning to write this post since the day itself, way back at the beginning of December, but have failed to find the time until now.

I wanted to make sure I have a record of the birthday before it totally evades me and I can't recall much of it at all.

We had just moved house, one week prior to the birthday and party, and Daddy was away.  Things were hectic, but I knew I wanted to make Jasmine's birthday extra special.

To compensate for what I couldn't give her, perhaps, which was a hug from Daddy.  But we have always made a big fuss of birthdays, more so than of Christmas.

The party was a joint effort - Jasmine shared her day with her best friend, Lexi.  They have similar tastes and birthdays just four days apart, so it seemed the sensible thing to do.  Not as cost-effective as we had originally hoped!  But it went exactly as I had dreamed, and then planned.

We had lots of help from family and friends, without which we would have not been able to see our ideas through.

Two particularly amazing people, Chantelle and Imogen, were our face painters - offering their skills totally free of charge.

We had a bouncy castle, glitter tattoos, pink chocolate fountain, a craft table, pass the parcel, cakes, party bags and a photographer.

The latter expense has meant that we have some beautiful memories to look back on.

For every other party of both Jasmine's and Sonny's, we have spent ages planning and looking forward to the day, only for it to whizz by without either of us (James or myself) having had the time to take a single photo.  We have missed large chunks of the parties having had to meet and greet and organise whatever else needs doing.

So last year I bit the bullet and paid someone else to take photos for us.

I was not disappointed.

My babies

Pass the parcel
Following the party, we headed home with a mountain of presents.

Jasmine was beside herself with excitment and tore them open, speedily.

She was a very lucky girl.

Jasmine with some of her presents

The following day, if I remember correctly, was her actual birthday.

December 3rd.

She woke to more presents, from Daddy, Sonny and me.  We played for a bit and spoke to Daddy on Skype.  I remember being so sad for them that they couldn't see each other properly on this day.  For James, mostly.  Jasmine was ok, she was excited and hadn't really had time to feel sad and miss her Daddy.

After lunch, we met her friend Oliver in town for bowling.  They all had balloons and lots of fun.

Later in the day, her great aunt Linda and second cousin Katie arrived with more presents and took us out for dinner.

More happened - little things that I can't immediately recall.  I really should have blogged this sooner, to remember the precise details.

But I think (I hope) Jasmine has some lovely memories of her 4th birthday.

I certainly do.

My beautiful four year old

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