Thursday, 21 March 2013

Roasted garlic mash

Garlic and potato are two of my very favourite ingredients.  I would say that over 90% of my savoury dishes contain at least one of the two.  Today, I combined them to make a truly beautiful mash.

This side dish is wonderfully simple but works brilliantly. 

First, I roasted two bulbs of garlic (with an inch cut off the top) at 150 degrees for an hour. 

When they were soft and almost caramelised, I popped them into a bowl to rest.

Meanwhile, I peeled and cubed four large potatoes, then placed them in a pan, covered them with water and boiled them for 18 minutes.

Once soft, I drained the potatoes and tipped them into a bowl, ready for mashing.  To the bowl, I added two tablespoons of butter, a pinch of pepper, a splash of milk and the roasted garlic cloves.

The ingredients were then mashed together and served immediately, with maple-glazed vegetarian sausages and beans.  However, this would be an incredibly versatile side dish, fit for a huge number of main meals.

The end result was lovely - the garlic had mellowed but still flavoured the potato beautifully.  Perfect!

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