Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chocolate Easter nests

This morning, we made took inspiration from Jennie at Edspire and made these yummy chocolate Easter nests.

We started with the Mars bars - the children had three each to cut into small chunks.

Sonny struggled at first, but did well with some help from his aunty.

Jasmine also asked for some assistance as she found the bars quite tough to cut into.

The children tipped their Mars bar chunks into a central bowl and then Sonny added two tablespoons of golden syrup whilst Jasmine weighed the butter (50g).

The butter was then added to the bowl.
Next, I melted the chocolate mixture over a pan of simmering water whilst Jasmine weighed the cornflakes (200g).

The children divided the cornflakes fairly evenly between two mixing bowls and, once smooth, we added the chocolate mixture and combined the two.

We found that the mixture was too dry and sticky at this stage, so we added one large Cadbury Easter egg, which was melted with a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
This allowed the children to stir the mixture far more easily and they then spooned it into cake cases before finally decorating with mini (and micro!) eggs.

We had lots of fun with this recipe and Jasmine and Sonny were happy to be able to do so much of it by themselves.  The only part that they weren't involved in was the melting of the chocolate, but they were busy weighing and measuring during this stage, so did not feel left out.

A lovely activity to start Easter Sunday with!

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