Saturday, 23 March 2013

Decorating for Jasmine and Sonny

The children are at my mum's this weekend.

I miss them terribly, but it is for their benefit that I need the time and space.

For this weekend, I am beginning the mammoth task of decorating their bedroom.

Their shared space.

It is a huge responisbility and not one I take lightly.

I have a clear idea of how I want it to look.

I just hope that I can achieve it.

So far, it is not looking too promising. 

I have cleaned the walls and am midway through painting them white, to ease the transition between the lurid pink they were and the pastel colours they will become tomorrow.

It is looking patchy.

Being a perfectionist, I am not happy.

It is awful to only be content with perfection whilst simultaneously failing to achieve it.

But I will do my best.

The colours I have chosen for the walls, as you may be able to see from the photo above, are pale pink for Jasmine's half of the room and pale green for Sonny's.

Once the painting is complete, I have many more plans for the space.

The children and I have decided that we will be using wall stickers to further personalise their separate spaces.

Jasmine has asked for Cinderella, whilst Sonny has plumped for The Gruffalo (hence my choosing green for his wall as opposed to my original plan to paint it blue).

Ideally, Sonny's side would look like this:

But we are not made of money, so a highly budgeted version will be created for him instead.

It is not a large room, so I may have trouble fitting in all of my ideas, but I am planning on buying them matching beds and matching chests of drawers to go at the foot of them.  I want them to have shelves, for their souvenirs, and underbed storage to house some of their toys.  I would love to create a reading nook for them, but I really don't know if there will be space to realise this idea.  I am warming to the idea of creating it within their built-in closet, but will need to plan this idea further before I know whether it is realistic or not.

Jasmine will be having these lights instead of a night light:

I love them, and know that she will too.

Their storage chest will go between their beds, in place of bedside tables, which they really do not need yet.

James and I have also talked about painting the wall beside their wardrobe with blackboard paint so that they have a small space in their bedroom to be creative in. 

The plans are coming together nicely...

I just hope that the reality will follow shortly.

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