Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What can you hide in jelly?

Today, we explored play through jelly.

First, Jasmine and Sonny broke the jelly into cubes.  I asked them how it felt.

"Really soft and squidgy," said Jasmine.

"and nice," added Sonny, taking a bite.

Sonny sang jelly on a plate to himself.

Next we added boiling water and I asked them what they thought the water would do to the jelly.

Jasmine said, "I think the jelly will float to the top, or sink,"

Sonny said, "I think it will look funny,"

"It's melting!" Jasmine observed.  "It's turning into juice,"

They stirred the liquid.

"It's me!" Sonny said, noticing his reflection.  "Is it a mirror?"

They tasted it.

I asked them what they thought would happen to the jelly now.

"It will stay juice," said Sonny.

I asked if there was anything they would like to hide in the jelly before it set, to see what would happen to it?

They chose a plastic pony, some yogurt raisins, a squeaky dolphin and some trains.  Sonny sank Thomas into his bowl of liquid jelly and quickly made up a story involving Thomas and the muddy marshes.

"Help!" he called, "I'm stuck in the muddy marshes and I can't get out!"

We put the bowls into the fridge and I asked Jasmine what she thought would happen to the jelly by the time we took the bowls out in the morning.

"Nothing," she said, resolutely.

To be continued....

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