Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wallace and Gromit's Musical Marvels

Jasmine and I took a couple of friends to see Wallace and Gromit's Musical Marvels at the Brighton Dome this evening.  The tickets were free - I snapped them up from the most recent See Film First promotion - and I must admit, I hadn't heard anything about the show.

Jasmine is a big fan of Wallace and Gromit though and was so very excited to be seeing them.

I had assumed, wrongly, that the show was an actual musical.

We were expecting puppets and dance routines and live action.

(I should have done my research!)

Upon entering the room at the Dome and being confronted with an orchestra and a screen, I hoped that Jasmine would not be disappointed, but had a horrible feeling that she may well be.

"When will Wallace and Gromit be coming on stage?" she kept asking, excitedly.

My fears were, however, completely unfounded.

Jasmine was mesmerised by the music of the Aurora orchestra; enthralled.  Scared by the volume of the drum beats, but otherwise captivated.

The video clips of Wallace and Gromit only added to her appreciation of the show.

She truly loved it.

She laughed and she clapped and she pretended to conduct her own imaginary orchestra.

I think we all developed a little bit of a crush on the effortlessly charming Nicholas Collon!

Following a brief interval, we were treated to A Matter of Loaf and Death which, as Jasmine is a fan and owns the DVD, I have seen before.  However, I have not seen it on a large screen, backed by a magnificent orchestra!

It was a lovely experience and made for an interesting evening's entertainment.  The perfect introduction to orchestral music for young ears - Jasmine thoroughly enjoyed the show.

As we were leaving, she declared that she would like to grow up to be a conductor and then commented that she hoped said conductor "and his gang" would be tidying up all the mess left behind by other members of the audience.  A part of me likes to think that this is exactly what happened once the room was empty...

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