Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Getting to know you

I've just read a brilliantly funny post over at Who's The Mummy and couldn't not recreate it over here.

So, here goes - an interview with Jasmine and Sonny, aged 4 and 2.

Q1:  What is your name?

Jasmine:  I'm Jasmine.

Sonny:  Sonny.

Q2:  What is your age?

Jasmine:  I'm FOUR.

Sonny:  Two.

Q3:  What do you want for your birthday?
Jasmine:  My Daddy.

Sonny:  Thomas!

Q4:  Who is your best friend?
Jasmine:  My best friend is Lexi.

Sonny:  Jasmine.

Q5:  What do you like to eat?
Jasmine:  Well, I like to eat chocolate because it's yummy.

Sonny:  I like chocolate...because I do.

Q6:  What don't you like to eat?

Jasmine:  I don't like to eat stuff I don't really notice because I don't really know what that is.

Sonny:  Chocolate (I'm not sure he understood the question).

Q7:  What is your favourite game?

Jasmine:  Monopoly.

Sonny:  Thomas trains.

Q8:  What do you want to do as a job?

Jasmine:  Work in a hospital.

Sonny:  I want to walk on the floor.

Q9:  What makes you happy?

Jasmine:  Lucy does because she's so cute (Lucy is Jasmine's doll).

Sonny:  The mirror (vain!).

Q10:  What makes you sad?

Jasmine:  Well, horrible stuff like spooky stuff makes me sad.  When I was a baby and coming out of your tummy and the lady was taking me out, it felt really hard and she took me out by the legs and that made me sad too.  I don't like stuff that I don't understand, either, I don't like being confused.

Sonny:  Myself.

Q11:  What is your favourite toy?

Jasmine:  My bike and my scooter because they've got wheels and when I've got wheels I can pretend I have a broken leg and need a wheelchair to get me home.

Sonny:  Thomas.

Q12:  What makes you cross?

Jasmine:  When Sonny takes things away that I'm really enjoying and when he snatches things and hurts my hand.

Sonny:  You.

So, there you have it - I make Sonny cross, and Jasmine remembers being born.  I bet you weren't expecting that...I certainly wasn't!

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