Monday, 25 March 2013

"Get your hanky, this might be amazing!"

This is what Jasmine said to Nanny Bee this afternoon as we waited to watch her demonstration lesson.

A far cry from the baby who began ballet lessons at the age of 20 months.

The baby I thought was so grown up!

My, how she has blossomed.

In August 2010, Daddy took Jasmine to her first ballet class.  She enjoyed it, but liked him to stay in the room with her.

It was a while before I saw her dance as I was very pregnant, at first, and then nursing a newborn.

The first time I saw her was just before Christmas in 2010.

This is Jasmine on the day; it was shortly after her second birthday:

Despite the serious expression, she loved it!

At Easter in 2011 (almost exactly two years ago), we watched her dance again.


Looking back, I can't believe how tiny she was!  Younger than Sonny is today and yet fully participating in her ballet class. 

At the time, with Sonny still a small baby, she seemed so mature, such a big girl.

I wonder if I will look back at today, when she is six, and marvel at how tiny and innocent she was...

As it was, Nanny Bee didn't need her hanky, but she was very proud and insisted on taking us all out for tea and cake afterwards, to celebrate Jasmine's efforts.

My little girl has come so far with ballet already...
July 24th 2011, baby bronze medal awarded

March 25th 2012, baby silver medal awarded (exactly one year ago today!)

January 2012

July 2011 - wearing the same outfit she wore today!
I cannot wait to see where her journey takes us next.

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