Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day two of jelly play

Today, we continued our play with jelly.

I asked Sonny what he thought had happened to Thomas, having been lying in the jelly overnight.

"He will be wet," he replied, after giving it some thought.

Jasmine said that she thought the jelly would have gone "dry and squidgy".

I placed the bowls in front of them and asked them to plunge their hands into the firm jelly and tell me how it felt.

"Cold," said Jasmine.

"Squishy!" said Sonny.

Found Thomas!

They added edible glitter and silver balls and felt the mixture run through their fingers.

Quickly, Sonny tasted his jelly, concluding that it was still  "nice".

Jasmine observed that by adding blue glitter to the yellow jelly, she had turned it green.

She then said that she could pretend to cook by stirring the jelly, adding "salt" and "sugar" (glitter and silver balls) and transferring the mixture from bowl to silicone moulds.

I gave them plates so that they could sing jelly on a plate; Sonny immediately drove Thomas through his plate of jelly.

Jasmine had a straw and blew bubbles in the jelly to see what would happen.

"It's sploshing up into my face!" she laughed.

She also tried sucking through the straw.


Sonny had lost interest by this stage, choosing instead to play with his trains, but Jasmine was still engrossed.

She enjoyed playing in her "jelly kitchen", scooping and pouring, filling and emptying, splashing and sploshing and slowly turning her hands green!

Jelly kitchen

She asked for some flour to add to her mixture and see what effect it had.  She thought it would "still stay would be wobbly flour!"

"The flour is making the jelly all sticky," she told me, having added some to her bowl.

Afterwards, we ran a bath and the children got in with all the bowls and utensils and cleaned everything., which was a bonus for me!

Much fun was had this morning - I'm sure we will be trying this again soon.

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