Sunday, 31 March 2013


The Easter bunny has been.

The children have been very fortunate.

We have asked for them not to have too much chocolate and people have obliged.
Jasmine has her first Barbie doll, a read-alone book and a fabulous craft kit.  She also had a crib for her doll, which she received when it arrived in the post.  She was given the choice of waiting until Easter but chose to have it early.  I hope she remembers that when she sees that she has less than Sonny!

Sonny has lots of Thomas things!  He will be so excited by his new wooden engines, more than anything.  I cannot wait to see his face.

Tomorrow, we will be hunting small eggs in the lounge, making simple Easter nest cakes and getting messy with compost in our giant play tray whilst planting a number of seeds.  I shall be cooking a roast for the three of us plus my two visiting sisters, then we will all be going for a nice long walk.

But, for now, it is bedtime.
The clocks have sprung forward!

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