Friday, 19 April 2013

Where do the years go?

One day, not so long ago, a baby was born.

They named her Amy and I went to the hospital to meet her.

I watched Eastenders on a television, somewhere.

I don't remember much else.

21 years have since passed, and there is now another sister of mine.

She will be 20 in November.

Eight cousins arrived, also.

And my own two children.

I have cuddled them all as tiny newborns and thought, each time, that they would be small forever.

But it is never true.

I now find myself wondering, where do the years go?

I remember hearing it so many times that children grow so fast.

I was - I am - prepared.

I make the most of every day and yet the years still seem to fly by.

I remember walking with Jasmine as a newborn, being told by a stranger that she wouldn't stay little for long.

That could have been yesterday.

It is though there is no space between that day and now.

Yet Jasmine, my baby girl, will be at school come September.

Daddy said today that "It's hard to imagine her out of nappies and not needing a pushchair.  Uniform is mind blowing!"


Uniform is mind blowing.

She is our baby.

Our rose-lipped, almond-eyed, sweet-smelling newborn.

But when September comes, she will be clothed in tiny uniform and polished shoes and taken from our arms into the big wide school world.

Weeks later, I shall be 26.

Where do the years go?

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