Friday, 19 April 2013

Days like these

Today, we had no plans.

I thought I'd probably crack on with the housework.


We didn't open our newly-fitted curtains for a long time this morning.

When we did, it was raining.

And then we got the email.

The one that told us that Jasmine will be starting school in September at our first choice school.

The one she has wanted ever since she came with me to look around.

Meanwhile, Sonny discarded his nappy and decided to use his potty.

I've left it up to him to decide when he is ready, and today he showed me that he is.

Then the sun came out. 

We made a plan to go for an ice cream with friends.

What's better than celebratory ice cream?

Later, we headed over the road to the beach.

It was warm and sunshiney.  The children ran around; up, down and over piles of pebbles. 
It was a lovely sight.
I took them down to the water and they threw pebbles into the sea.

They watched the foam lap towards them and squealed as it inched closer, before running away at the last second.

Jasmine even braved the water!


We have been waiting for a day like this to come along for a while now.

One of those days where everything just fits.

Maybe the secret is to simply not make plans.

Today, we had no plans and the good times came to us.

I love days like these.

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