Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gloop Glorious Gloop!

Today the children made gloop, together.
Jasmine emptied the cornflour into a bowl (Sonny said "Ugh!" as the powder clouded up around them).
Sonny stirred...

...and Jasmine poured the water.

Once mixed to their chosen consistency, the children used some tools on the gloop.

We were, all three of us, intrigued and amazed by this material.  The way it is solid and liquid, wet yet dry, constantly changing and altering; firm and then gooey.  We poured it, we crumbled it, we lifted it from the Tuff spot is great chunks only to watch it melt away before our eyes then solidify in our hands once more.
Finally, we added some red paint to the gloop, which turned it pink.  Jasmine hadn't expected this, she had asked for and anticipated red gloop.  However, she quickly understood that the red had become pink due to being mixed with the white of the gloop.
We had fun with our gloop today and will definitely be returning to this activity.  Such an interesting material as well as cheap and versatile.

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  1. Lovely and messy! Love the expressions as they play with the gloop! #MessyPlay