Sunday, 7 April 2013


We know all about our childrens' favourite toys.

For Sonny, it is trains!
June 2012
January 2013

Sonny really does adore his trains.  They are often the first things he asks for when he wakes in the morning, and the last thing he plays with before bed. 

What he does before bed

 We have such fun with his trains!
For Jasmine, her dolls have become her favourite toys, although she still plays with all sorts of other things.  She has never been obsessed about one particular thing, as Sonny has become so with his beloved trains.
But currently, she takes her babies everywhere with her - in their pushchairs or in her arms.

We both love a real life baby as well!
Since Jasmine received Baby Born (her third baby, after Maddie and Annabel) for Christmas, I have been buying newborn clothes and nappies all over again, and even newborn sandals last week! 

The number of tiny clothes I find myself washing and drying is a little crazy, but these dolls are very much loved.  Jasmine has named them - her two newest are Lucy (Baby Born) and Freya.

She has even set her heart on a new baby brother for the family - she made a wish into a magical well, and when it echoed back to her, she knew it would happen, apparently,

Watch this space on that one.
Now, let me get to the question that I set out to ask in this post, which is this:

What is your favourite toy that belongs to your child/children?

For me, it is a hand-carved Thai rocking goat.

I love it, as do the children.
It was bought for Jasmine's first birthday. 

We took her to soft play, then out to dinner, and we bought her a goat.

I loved it the moment I set eyes on it.

It is such a beautiful piece of furniture - so solid and unusual.

I had been wanting to get her a rocking horse, but could never afford the ones I really liked.
This goat cost us £50 from a market stall in our hometown.

Far cheaper than the horses I'd been looking at.

Cheaper, even, than the plastic bounce and spin zebra I had also contemplated, half-heartedly.
To my mind, this is so much nicer.

And it really is solid - I distinctly remember James carrying it back to the car on his shoulders.  He did not complain, though I could see that it was not an easy task.
Jasmine has now grown out of her goat, though it is still much loved.
Sonny currently borrows it, as will any future children who happen along.
It is a beautiful investment piece, I think.  Full of wonderful memories.

We will be keeping the goat for as long as possible - I really, really hope that Jasmine wants it back for her own children.
In the meantime, I will be heading back to the stall to enquire about the next size up!

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