Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Matilda Mae and the Lullaby Trust

I have written about Matilda Mae a few times on this blog; sadly, each time has been since she passed away in February.
Matilda Mae was taken far too soon and without reason or explanation - she died from SIDS.  I know that Matilda's family have received great comfort and support from both the FSID and the blogging community during the hugely difficult time since their lives changed nine weeks ago. 

Today, we come together.

Today, I (along with many other bloggers, including Matilda's mummy, Jennie) am supporting FSID as they begin their new life as The Lullaby Trust.

For a while, I struggled to find something that illustrated the point - something that reminded me both of Matilda Mae and of lullabies.

I had a few ideas but felt they were either too tenuous or simply not good enough.

Then, in London, I saw this:

Jasmine and the giant bubble

I took these photographs and, all the while, I thought of Matilda Mae.

I thought of the bubbles floating up to her and I smiled.

I thought of how they might reach her just as easily as a lullaby.

Who says a lullaby can be made only from words and sounds?

From this day forward, whenever I see bubbles, I will think of them as carrying the most beautiful lullaby up into the sky, just for Matilda Mae.

Sweet dreams, Baby Tilda.  This song always reminds me of you:




  1. Beautiful! I LOVE the idea of a bubble lullaby... how truly wonderful xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I was so stuck for inspiration, but I feel as though the bubble lullaby is rather appropriate. xx

  2. Awwww Jen, this is great. Those giant bubbles are amazing! x

  3. Oh wow - those bubbles are amazing! What a lovely idea x

  4. This is great and so true, why should a lullaby just be words. Great photos, I don't ever see bubbles the same as I used to any more. The lyrics to this song are so true too. x

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments - beautiful bubbles for a beautiful girl x

  6. Yes I think of Matilda too whenever I see bubbles or even bubble bottles ! And also stars, even star fish !
    Beautiful song too !

  7. This has made me smile. This would make Matilda smile. She loved bubbles just as her siblings do. We are always blowing bubble kisses to the sky. A bubble lullaby. Just perfect. Thank you and thank you for supporting The Lullaby Trust x

  8. What amazing bubbles! I think Tilda came to you and said you didnt need to worry about thinking of an idea. She was there. Her own lullaby with no words needed!

    I will always think of Tilda when I see bubbbles too
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos!

  9. Those bubbles are amazing! Bubbles now make me thing of Tilda too and also remind me how important it is to cherish every moment with our littlins.

  10. Those bubbles are great! Such a lovely post xx

  11. Thank you for all your comments xx