Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Jelly bricks and dinosaur baths

On Monday, inspired by Jennie at Edspire, Jasmine and I made jelly Mega Bloks.  Unfortunately, the plan went downhill thereafter.

I could not prise the jelly from its mould!

Deciding that hot water was the answer, I poured some into the tray that held the bricks, but left them in it for too long and their bottoms melted.

What we wanted was jelly bricks.

What we had was jelly slush.

Undeterred, Jasmine got down to the important business of playing.

I provided her with some simple tools - chopsticks, a whisk, a knife, fork and spoon, a sieve and (what turned out to be her favourite) a Nurofen syringe.

She had fun sucking up the jelly and squirting it into the tray.

She tried to cut some jelly out of the Mega Bloks, and also tried bashing it out - neither method worked particularly well.

She found a small dinosaur that I had hidden for her.

The jelly then became a dinosaur bath!

Finally, Jasmine decided that she would make jelly cakes.  She asked for butter, sugar, flour and eggs.  I gave her flour, butter and cornflakes.  She didn't seem to mind.

Despite the initial disappointment of not actually making jelly bricks, Jasmine enjoyed this activity.  She would have definitely benefited from some extra dimensions, however.  My creative energy has been sapped this week and I seriously need to get my thinking cap back on!

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