Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Dear James

I remember the moment we met as clear as yesterday;
Your long dark hair and shining blue eyes.
I remember nothing of what was said, only what I thought:-
"This guy is lovely."
That thought stayed with me;
I saw you again and knew that I was right -
You were lovely.

Time passed and we spent more of it together;
Talked incessantly,
Talked for hours.
I would say that our friendship grew but too often we were infuriated by us.
Sometimes we couldn't talk at all.
Sometimes I swore I would never speak to you again.

I thought about you, dreamt about you, wrote about you,
Loved you,
And all the while you were so cagey,
So afraid of me and what I might do to you.
"Why do you like me?" you kept asking.
For a million reasons and more.

After what felt like a lifetime,
After nights spent in tears,
And mornings in bed,
We were together.
I had not thought it possible.
Some things changed quickly,
Others stayed the same a while longer.
But we were together.

Now we have children,
And love more than we ever hoped for.
There have been bad times as well,
But thank goodness for them;
For now we can be sure,
Can be certain, that we will survive.
For as long as we want to, we can survive anything.

Your hair is shorter,
But your eyes still sparkle;
And I know today what I knew before -
I love you, big man.

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