Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Painting and sticking

Jasmine and her friends collected twigs, daisies and grass at the park today, and we brought some home to paint and stick with.

I added some pebbles that we have had for a while, lots of paints, some glue and some embellishments (glitter, foam letters, pipe cleaners etc) to our play tray and allowed the children to get stuck in.

It all started off rather civilised.
Jasmine painted a shell.

And kept her paints separate...

Whilst Sonny preferred to create his own unique colour!

Jasmine got stuck in with the glue (see what I did there?!)

And then, shortly after, chaos ensued.

Jasmine found some dough, with which she formed a star for Matilda Mae.

Sonny got bored and growled a little.

Jasmine painted Matilda's star and covered it in glitter.

Before finishing it off with some lovely pink and purple decorations.

And then it was bath time!

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