Monday, 22 April 2013

Sonny at two years and seven months

Dear Sonny

What have we been up to this month, my son?

We went to London!  You impressed me by showing no fear on the Eye. 

You had such a good day.

You are getting such a big boy!

It has really struck me this month.

You are constantly becoming more and more mature.

You speech is excellent, you are so good at articulating your feelings and thoughts.

You are brilliant with your numbers and colours and even starting to show an interest in writing!

You climb very well.

And you draw me beautiful pictures.

Today, I received one that you told me was of you with a nose bleed (apparently).


You finally had your two year check this month, at which you excelled.

We had no doubt, did we?

You got new shoes, last week.  Size 7 dinosaur shoes.

So grown up.

My baby is evolving before my very eyes.

What is it you say before we leave the house?

Every time.

"I will walk nicely!"

You do not want the pushchair anymore.

You want to walk.


For the first time in four and a half years, I am having to realise that we will not need a pushchair forever.

One day, in the not too distant future, it will be consigned to the shed.

This makes my heart a little heavy.

Though I am proud too.

Oh so proud.

You still adore your trains, they are the first and last things you ask for every day.

Today, we completed a Thomas puzzle, together.

I say we.

It was mostly you.

Nine puzzles you did this morning.

You are so very good at them!

You have a new-found love of Mr Men and Little Miss books.

Something to replace Room on the Broom in your heart.

You have relished all the messy play we have been doing this month.

And, perhaps most brilliantly, you have decided it is time to start using your potty.

Off came the nappy, last week.

Off it stayed.

Accidents have been few.

I am so very proud.

I had been waiting for the day, and there it was.

Out of the blue.

You just decided you were ready and that was that.

No turning back.

Thomas pants on at home.

It won't be long before they are all you wear.

No more nappies!

And no more pushchairs.

It has been a momentous month.

My baby is growing up.

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