Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"Mummy, it's cold outside,"

Due to my struggling against a virus this week, and the wind's sharp teeth today, we decided against enduring an afternoon at the park in favour of coming home.

Jasmine spent the morning at her gymnastics club's holiday class, trampolining and generally burning off lots of energy, whilst Sonny and I shopped and tried (very much in vain) to keep warm.

Upon returning home, we set up camp in the lounge, using a blanket on the floor to hold our indoor picnic of cheese sandwiches, toasted hot cross buns with butter, strawberries, baby tomatoes, Easter cupcakes and apple juice.

The children played with their engines and dolls and watched Boomerang for a while.

They were content and we all were warm.

During the afternoon, we made gingerbread men and shortbread stars.

I was lazy today and bought ready-made dough for Jasmine and Sonny to roll, shape and decorate.

It may not have been the learning experience it could have been, but it was still a sensory delight.

Sonny mostly just played with the dough and currants; made marks in the flour.

We had three bean chilli with rice for dinner then a nice relaxing lavender bubble bath followed by warm milk, stories, cuddles and sleep (for the children, anyway).

I am hoping my mojo will have returned by morning and, to assist it, am now heading off for an early night.


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