Saturday, 8 June 2013

Toddlebike adventures

We recently bought Sonny a preloved Toddlebike from a friend; it looked to me to be the perfect answer to my out and about prayers.  You see, Sonny resists his pushchair.  He no longer enjoys being within its confines, preferring instead to walk.  Yet he is not quite ready for this step.  Not only is he still only two, therefore tires quickly, but he often wants to run ahead, seemingly unaware of the dangers of the road, despite my constant reminders.  He is unwilling to hold my hand, always telling me "I want to walk by myself!". 

In short, he wants to be a big boy but lacks the maturity and understanding to follow his desire through.  Which is where the Toddlebike comes in.  This lightweight, all-terrain product allows Sonny to experience the freedom he craves whilst keeping him within arm's reach.  The extra activity it affords him can only be a good thing as well.
Sonny is known for having little legs - one physical trait that can certainly be attributed to his father!  As such, he is too small to pedal a bike; indeed, even a balance bike looks far too large for him at present.  He has a scooter, which he enjoys riding in the garden, but has yet to commit to it for any great length of time or over any real distance.  Consequently, his Toddlebike looks to be a real asset.  It is still early days for us and we have only really used the bike in the garden thus far, but I am keen to venture further afield with it.  The real bonus for me, as a non-driving parent, is that I can, if necessary, pop it on the pushchair without a problem.  This also negates the need to end our buggy days completely...for a little while longer, at least.

Sonny and I are both looking forward to more Toddlebike adventures; on top of being a very handy bike from my perspective, it is a lot of fun for him, even allowing him to race Jasmine.  It looks as though we have finally found him a product that will help him keep up with his ever-active sister!


  1. I've thought of getting a toddlebike for Bug. He never goes in the pushchair but thankfully he does hold my hand.

    1. I would definitely recommend them; Sonny's is pink but they come in different colours and are very good value. Ours was £7 second hand, so it is worth keeping an eye out on eBay or at boot sales. But even when new I think they are about £25, which is far cheaper than a lot of ride ons and they are incredibly versatile.