Monday, 10 June 2013

Messy letters

This morning, with Sonny still in his pyjamas, we made a start on letter recognition.

In 2011, for Sonny's 1st birthday party, I wanted to make his name in cake, which I did (after a fashion).

Of course, much hilarity ensued when everyone discovered that I had bought two letter N moulds, forgetting that one would indeed have sufficed.

However, I eventually had the last laugh today, when the moulds made another appearance, this time on to the Tuff spot.

Sonny immediately recognised his name and began to paint the letters.  I talked him through each one and found that he alreay knew the S and O sounds.  He asked me to draw him a J for Jasmine and also a 6 and a 2.

We printed letters straight on to the Tuff spot and also used this session to review what has been learnt about colours (names and mixing), shapes and numbers.

We also just made lots of mess!

I intend to made tactile alphabet and number cards with the children soon, to aid number and letter recognition and to give us a theme for a weekly alphabet session.


  1. Love it! This is right up my street!

    1. Thanks, it was really fun, think little man is beginning to get his head round letters xxx