Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Gallery: Dads

I have spoken rather a lot about James on the blog recently.  How much I love and miss him.  And if there is one person in the universe who loves (and misses) him more than I do, it is our little girl.  Despite all the bravado and fierce independence, if Daddy wants a cuddle, she is at the front of the queue.  She will lie down with him and listen intently to stories, she will chat and giggle and allow herself to be placated in a way that just doesn't happen with me.  She will even let him help her!
It is a beautiful sight to behold.  As has previously been mentioned, I had no relationship with my Dad and I always, always wanted more for my own children.  To see this relationship blossoming before me is just lovely.  I could watch them forever.


  1. Such a lovely post and beautiful pictures x

  2. Awww that is such a lovely post. The Dad/Daughter bond is so special and you can see that in your photos