Saturday, 1 June 2013

KyNa Boutique Preschool Clothing review

It was this review by Jennie at Edspire that first alerted me to the existence of KyNa Boutique

With their organic clothing and impeccable customer service, KyNa Boutique tick all the right boxes for my family and me.  I have always had sensitive skin and worry that conditions such as eczema may develop in my children so prefer to buy organic clothing wherever possible.

Often, it takes a long time to find somewhere that stocks bright, beautiful, organic pieces, and then, when I do find a suitable store, their produce is overpriced.  I am not keen on spending upwards of £15 on a top for my preschoolers!  Factor in delivery and it becomes prohibitively expensive.

Happily, this is where KyNa Boutique really stand out, providing free delivery and returns as standard.  No catch, not even a minimum spend.

I think you will agree that this is quite a special feature in an online store!

The free return is something that really puts my mind at ease when shopping online. 

Jasmine is four and a half on Monday, yet very slender.  Her chest is a mere 20in (smaller than that of her younger brother) and her waist is tiny.  I struggle to find clothes that fit.  Trousers that are the right length fall off her waist; tops and dresses that fit nicely around her torso are usually too short.  It is a minefield and has put me off ordering online in recent years. 

However, we now have KyNa Boutique to turn to and I am confident that the stress will be taken out of our future shopping needs.

Furthermore, the aforementioned customer service really is of the very highest order, as was demonstrated when I had an issue with a product.  I had bought a pair of leggings for Jasmine, which arrived within 48 hours and were beautifully packaged.  However, Jasmine had trouble putting the leggings on; they were far too tight to pull over her feet.  Whether it was a defective product or simply that we were doing something wrong, we could not find a way to rectify the issue.

Eventually, as Jasmine was resolute in her desire to wear her new leggings, I made an incision in the trousers until she was able to wear them.  This resulted in fraying after their first wash and rendered the leggings less suitable than I had hoped upon purchase.
More out of curiosity than anything else, I emailed KyNa Boutique to explain what had happened and to ask if there were, perhaps, a design feature that we had been unaware of that would have allowed the leggings to be worn with ease?

I received an apologetic reply within a couple of hours stating that no other queries had been made about the leggings but that I could have returned them for free and received a refund instead.  I was more than happy with this, as I knew that by "customising" the trousers, I would have relinquished the right to return them.  Upon further reading, though, I was told that the amount I had spent on the leggings would be returned to my KyNa Boutique account.

I was astounded at this, but obviously very pleased and spent the duration of my childrens' gymnastics class last week browsing the website before deciding upon this beautiful top for Jasmine:

Again it arrived within 48 hours and, again, was beautifully packaged.

I am honestly so impressed with this service, and with the gorgeous clothing, and cannot wait to shop with KyNa Boutique again.

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post, we are just really happy customers!

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