Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Ten times

When you emerged, almond-eyed, and sweet of skin;
Your Daddy cried.

One half-year before, on number three, in June this time,
He turned forty.
Five years on and though apart, I feel your love;
It fills my heart.

Your father, now, is 45 and you, my love,
Just 4.5.

Ten times the age; how he has grown, to you so much
Now can be shown.

Ten times the life of weathered storm, and sunshine bright;
Of layers formed.

Listen, my girl, to stories told, hold them tight
As you grow old.
And through these times that make you mad; when you feel alone,
And feel so sad
Remember how, though years apart, you are your father;
He is your heart.



  1. That last picture (s) is scary! Could they be more alike?!

    Love the one of him throwing Sonny in the air too - amazing picture.

    1. Thank you. I love how alike they look. x

  2. Jen this is absolutely beautiful, I love that you have written about such a wonderful relationship with your daughter and her father - the last few lines particularly struck me. Thank you so much for linking to Prose for Thought. New link opens today so hope to see you there xx

    1. Thank you. I will have a look at the link later :) x