Saturday, 18 May 2013

"Wedding Day" by Jasmine

"Marriage is when people dance together, somebody takes out a ring from a box and places it on another person's finger then they kiss and sing and dance.

The big people have marriage and everyone claps while the children just play. Then it is lunch time. Pickle and egg sandwiches and pies.  And lots of playing.

For your wedding, both of you will dance.  Daddy places a ring on your finger.

A wedding for children might be really boring so toys for the kids will be good.  After lunch, we can run off and play.  There should be a room for babies.  Bouncy castle, trains, ball pool, Fat Controller and Thomas for Sonny.  A Thomas slide that goes into a Thomas ball pool!  The grown up kids, like me and Blake, can have a Ben 10, Batman and Hello Kitty bouncy castle.  A big Batman swing, a slide and we will have lots of fun.

You have to eat at a wedding.  For lunch we will have sausage rolls and wine for the grown ups and a special fridge for the children to choose what they want.  Then there is the marriage, singing, dancing, microphones, a big crowd, Daddy places the ring on your finger and you both sing.  You have to have a purple dress, Daddy will have a black suit, Sonny will be a page man and I will be a page girl.  The kids all get so excited at weddings and we will have to have a girly night with spinning chocolates then everyone will go but we will stay to play a bit more.

Then you and daddy go round in circles dancing and you HAVE to have high heels."



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