Friday, 17 May 2013

Very theatrical

I spent the majority of this evening at Jasmine's soon-to-be primary school, talking about education, expectations and biscuits.
When I returned home, the children had a show to perform for me. 

Earlier in the day, they were gifted a lovely little puppet theatre and they love it.

I have not seen such helpless laughter outside of our tickle fights.

Watching one another "perform" proved endlessly hilarious.

I couldn't help but chuckle along.

Some of the things they came up with!

Jasmine began with a sketch by a homemade rabbit puppet.

Sonny was the perfect audience, laughing loudly even though I suspect he wasn't really listening to his sister.

Jasmine's rabbit talked (inexplicably) about Thomas a Becket, at which point Sonny held up his Thomas engine and asked if this was Thomas a Becket.

Next came a segment of Snow White. 


Then came a rather unexpected interval, during which Jasmine reenacted various adverts, did some ballet moves and then told me that there was "free coke and popcorn downstairs".

That we live in a ground floor flat only made this funnier.

Following the brief interlude, Sonny took over as puppet-show host...minus any actual puppets.
Evidently, he was very funny.

Of course, trains simply had to feature somewhere.
Sonny "read" us a Thomas story.
"Thomas caused floosion and delay and the Fat Controller didn't like it, the end."

Soon, Jasmine convinced Sonny to move along and made us all laugh with a very sneezy dwarf.

Before, finally, acting out Room on the Broom with the help of the witch, a Chinese dragon, and a remarkable memory.

I foresee many a happy afternoon spent playing with this - we love it already.  Which brings me to my huge thanks for Vicky and the twins.  Thank you for passing on the smiles!

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