Friday, 10 May 2013

Caterpillar Music Worthing

Four years ago, armed with a four month old Jasmine, her Daddy and I attended our first Caterpillar Music class.  In all honesty, I don't remember this class specifically, but it must have been good because we still take the children on a weekly basis now!

Jasmine at four months old
It all started when I, quite suddenly, found myself living in a new, unfamiliar area with a new, slightly more familiar baby.  I was 21 and had no friends in a similar situation.  There were no other mummies to discuss parenting with and no babies for Jasmine to gurgle at. 

Baby classes, I decided, were the way forward.

Many offered free trials - result!

The plan was to attend a few and choose our favourite.

We never made it past Caterpillars.

It has shaped our Wednesday mornings for four years now; our lovely class leader, Victoria, really has created a winning formula.

The children have such fun, socialise and are learning all the time as well.

From the website:

We run fun weekly classes. At Caterpillar Music Worthing we believe that it is important that you also have the opportunity to meet adults, make friends & have fun each week. That’s why we introduced time before each session for a cuppa, chocolate & chat –that way you and your little ones can have a chance to meet other mums, dads, grandparents & carers!

Our classes are 40 minutes long – they include great weekly themes (gives you a chance to talk about them before you come along), action songs, tickle time, bouncy songs, singing, dance & movement with puppets, great instruments, parachute play, bubbles & much more.

It is easy to understand why we love it so much!

James and I have watched our tiny babies blossom within the safe, nurturing confines of Caterpillar Music classes.  From quiet infants laying on mats, rattles in hand, they have grown, both in stature and confidence.  They have made friends, they have learned to share (sometimes!), they have been taught simple structure and routine.

This is Jasmine with her friend Matilda.  They met at Caterpillars, the week that we started, and are still great friends now.  We have play dates most weeks, their not-so-baby-anymore brothers are good friends and they will be going to school together in September.

Such precious memories.

Caterpillars has also greatly enriched Jasmine and Sonny's language by the songs and rhymes, and through talking about the weather and each week's theme.

Where else can a two year old learn to recite such songs as this?

Not only have we enjoyed so many Caterpillars classes, but Jasmine and Sonny have each had a Caterpillars birthday party. 

What fun they were!

For a two year old, not much beats a fun musical session with their best friends.

Indeed, I have seen people of all ages enthralled!

Unfortunately, there are no photographs.

Instead, I have some that Jasmine and Daddy took this time last year - when the Queen came to visit.

Sonny, Lucas, Matilda and Jasmine
A small glimpse into our Caterpillar Music world.

I think I speak for a lot of parents (and children) when I say that Caterpillar Music Worthing wouldn't be what it is without Victoria.  Where she gets her energy from, I will never know!

Thank you for all your hard work, Vicky.  I hope that the smiles you see each week make you realise what a good job you are doing.

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