Friday, 10 May 2013

A Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae

Tomorrow, thousands of people across the country will be walking a Mile in Memory of a lost loved one, all to raise money for The Lullaby Trust.

I had planned to take the children to the walk in Kent, for Matilda Mae, which has been organised by her mummy, the lovely Jennie from Edspire, who lost Matilda to SIDS in February.

Unfortunately, we are now unable to attend, which is a great shame as we had been looking forward to doing our bit, and to meeting so many wonderful people.

Instead, the children and I shall head to the seafront tomorrow afternoon and walk a mile along the promenade.

A mile for Matilda Mae.

A mile to help raise awareness of The Lullaby Trust and the fantastic work that they do.

To help raise funds so that they can continue on their journey, offering help, support and information to parents and families affected by SIDS.

Here is where you come in:

By donating just a small amount, you will be helping to spread awareness and save beautiful lives.

So that no other family has to celebrate their baby's first birthday with the guest of honour unable to attend.

To donate, please visit Matilda Mae's JustGiving page.

Alternatively, text MMLT79 £1 to 70070

You really will be making a difference to real people.

Real people like Jennie and her husband David.

Real people like their toddler twins, Esther and William.

And real babies like the beautiful Matilda Mae.

Thank you.


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