Monday, 27 May 2013

The Rainy Day Box Co.

You know the days.

The rain lashes the windows with interminable rhythm.

Curtains remain closed long past morning.

The children look at you with giant round eyes and pouting lips, on the verge of howling about boredom.

Sound familiar?

On such a day, I was very grateful to turn to the genius Rainy Day Box Co., who have come up with the perfect solution.

Five child-friendly activities, including baking and crafts, inside one box.

The best bit?

They're all surprises!

What child will fail to be excited by a box of surprise treats?

In our box, we found two craft kits - one for 3D peg bugs and another for animal masks - some stickers, a game of Snakes and Ladders and a chocolate butter cookie baking kit.

The children wanted to get stuck in straight away, creating the peg bugs and animal masks almost simultaneously.

We had some trouble with the peg bugs because there didn't appear to be instructions in the box.  However, this may have been an oversight on our part, and didn't diminish the kids' enjoyment of the activity.

Despite not really knowing what they were doing, Jasmine and Sonny had lots of fun gluing and sticking and then, with the masks, spreading glitter EVERYWHERE.

The finished product
The craft activities kept the children amused for over an hour, partly through creation and then, afterwards, by engaging them in imaginative play.

Next up, we made the cookies.

I can't remember exactly how we made them, but I'm almost certain that we simply added 50g of melted butter to the cookie mix and combined the two ingredients to form a gooey batter.

Jasmine enjoyed this activity, though there would not have been enough involved to entertain both children, unfortunately.

The end result were buttery, crumbly cookies that lasted about five minutes.  Well, creation is hungry work!

Finally, we attempted Snakes and Ladders.  Already a favourite with Jasmine, she delighted in introducing Sonny, though we quickly decided that he was perhaps a little young to appreciate the intricacies of such a game.
"When you can learn to stop stealing my piece," said Jasmine, "you can join in again."
Alas, it didn't happen.

However, by this stage, both children were beginning to get itchy about getting outside, so we donned puddle suits and wellies and braved the external downpour.

Overall, the Rainy Day box went down very well with the children.  I do feel that perhaps it is suited to slightly older children, particularly than Sonny.  Regardless, both he and Jasmine had lots of fun.  At just £10 per box, I would say these are great value and would make an excellent gift, or would simply be great to have in reserve for the next horrid weather day.
A very thoughtful, clever, and highly recommended product.

We were provided with one Rainy Day Box for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are our own.

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