Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Word on Guilt

I am not a terrible mother.  My children are not ignored or mistreated or even particularly spoilt.  They have clean clothes at least once every day, sometimes two or three times.  They are fed when hungry, held when upset, played with when bored and settled when sleepy.  I cannot claim sole responsibility for this, but I do my bit.

And I feel guilty.  Most days, at some point, I will feel like a bad mother.

Sometimes I can't watch Mini run round the garden 14 times because I am washing up or essay writing; this makes me feel guilty.  As does wanting to buy something for myself, giving Mini the odd "treat" ie junk food, saying no to the kids, asking someone else to have them for the day so I can catch up on the housework, wanting to be alone with their dad for a while...this list could be endless.

Now I am curious to know, is this just another part of parenthood that we need to accept?  Or am I being overly sensitive?

1 comment:

  1. It's a normal part of parenthood. You find the time to drink all the cups of imaginary tea that Mini makes, and to watch Sunshine as he learns to crawl around the garden. You instantly know if a cry is serious enough to demand instant attention, and you know what makes both kids cry and how to deal with it. You're a fantastic mother and have no reason to feel guilty. You have two healthy, intelligent and beautiful kids who are absolutely certain that their Mum could not possibly love them any more than she does. x