Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Things my daughter knows

The sign language for giraffe, guitar and computer.

That Daddy's and Kerry's cars are exactly the same because, "They both drive by houses".

That Daddy's car is a green Nissan.

The first few pages of The Gruffalo, by heart.

How to curtsey (sort of).

That she is no longer allowed dummys because "I got lots of toys for Easter"

How to do a forward role, unaided.

That swearing in front of relatives gets the biggest laughs (thanks guys).

That Mummy definitely should not swear at all - I have been told off for this on numerous occasions.

That tidying is not for her because she "didn't make the mess in the first place".

That "Fuego" is the mandatory response to "mantenlo prendido".

How to reprimand her baby brother by saying things like, "I'm not very impressed with that, that's very naughty."

That Marv (her imaginary friend) is definitely responsible for anything that might get her into trouble.

What she definitely doesn't know, however, is how to behave like a normal two year old.  Clearly.

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