Saturday, 14 May 2011

Child Modelling - are you in or out?

The majority of conversations I have had about child modelling have come to one of two conclusions, depending on what type of parent I'm talking to.

There are those who have signed their children up, paid the registration fees, done the test shoots and are either awaiting work or receiving it. These people tend to think that child modelling is a great confidence-booster, a lot of fun, and a nice way to make a bit of money for your child's future.

Then there are the other people; the ones who think it's child labour, exploitation, or something equally terrible. These people usually come to the conclusion that it isn't for them because they "prefer to let their children make their own minds up about things like this" (yes, I really have had that one before).

Now, I fall into the first camp. As with any parent, I think that my kids are cute. They're good in front of the camera (when I'm pointing it), and they must be photogenic because I have, and this is no exaggeration, thousands of pictures of them. But are they suitable for modelling?

I have a rough idea of the answer to this as both Mini and Sunshine have done a shoot for a lovely little company in Tunbridge Wells called Just Dresses.
We have attended shoots three times in total and every time has been a wonderful experience. Mini adored trying on a selection of brand new dresses, shoes and accessories, had a laugh in front of the camera, and was even paid for the trouble. Sunshine also had fun and really lapped up the attention.
The best part of a Just Dresses shoot for Daddy and me is the photos. We are given a CD of gorgeous professional photos of our children in beautiful outfits. What's not to like?

As a result of these shoots, I am fairly confident that my children could cope with a bit of modelling here and there. I have applied to a few agencies and been offered the opportunity to take the applications further, but I'm not sure I'm bothered enough about it.

I still think that child modelling is a perfectly acceptable thing to do and I can see why it's so popular amongst parents and children alike, but I am so happy with the shoots we have done for Just Dresses that I'm just not hungry enough to go any further at this stage.

What do you think? Have you thought about getting your little ones into modelling? Or are you one of the others? :)

A selection of photos from Mini and Sunshine's shoots for Just Dresses:

For more information on Just Dresses, please see their website:

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