Friday, 20 May 2011

My children: A Life In Pictures

Watching Sunshine crawl around the room, fast as anything, and then remembering that he is (quite suddenly) almost 8 months old, I have decided to document the progress of my children in this post. From impossibly tiny, pink, squawking bundles to competent, independent little people, it has been a steep learning curve already.

Mini's journey:

My freshly minted baby, born at 10:51 am
on Wednesday December 3rd 2008
Mini on her half birthday; she had already been crawling for a month!

Sitting up at 8 months

Precious first steps at 9 months
First scooter, aged 16 months

Water baby at 17 months
Cheeky girl, aged 20 months
My princess today, almost 2 and a half!

Sunshine's journey:

Here at last - born 13 days late on Friday 24th September 2010
at 06:10 am
Clearly enjoying his first bath at a few weeks old

All grown up! Well, three months old, anyway...
First time sitting up; 4 months old
Standing up at 7 months
My gorgeous son

So there they are, my two children; growing up so quickly and changing by the day.  Scary stuff!

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