Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eating habits

Jasmine feeding herself at around 7 months

How can two children who were weaned in the same way have such different eating habits a couple of years down the line?

I ask this because Sonny is terrible with food.  He will not try anything new; he needs constant encouragement just to eat the few foods that he is comfortable and familiar with..  All of this is in direct contrast to Jasmine's attitude.  She will try anything and enjoys a huge variety of foods and meals.  She also eats a greater quantity of food at each mealtime.

For example, Jasmine requested mackeral fillets, cherry tomatoes and cucumber for lunch today.  Sonny said he didn't want lunch, so was given a cheese sandwich and some strawberries.  Jasmine's plate was licked clean (quite literally) whereas Sonny had one bite of his sandwich and then declared that he was done.

It baffles me, totally.

They were weaned in a very similar way.

Both began with rice and simple, homemade fruit purees at around 15 weeks of age, before progressing onto more adventurous flavours and, by seven months, textures.  Both enjoyed the whole process hugely - I disctinctly remember Sonny devouring a large bowl of mashed avocado at around five months.  Now he won't even touch a mashed potato.

Sonny getting a taste for blueberry puree

How can a child change that much in such a short space of time?  He is now not far off two and a half years old.  His eating habits have deteriorated since the age of around ten months and show little sign of improvement.  It could be that I'm fretting over nothing and the situation will pick up when Sonny is ready to try new things all over again.  But I'm not hopeful - I have met older kids, teenagers and even adults who are "fussy eaters".  To be honest, I've always shaken my head and thought, "I blame the parents."  Now I am the parent and face a daily battle with my son.

Is it really about the food?  I'm not sure.  I think he can't be bothered to eat, most of the time.  It's too much effort, almost, to sit at the table and finish a meal when he could be tearing through the house, playing with his toys.  I think, if he tried, he could regain his healthy appetite.

It's a good job I'm no quitter - I'm in this battle for the long haul.  I hope Sonny is prepared!

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