Thursday, 7 February 2013

The first time ever I saw your face

On Friday 24th September 2010, my son was born.  Our second child, much-loved and hugely wanted.  His arrival marked the culmination of many long weeks of pain (a trapped nerve is not pleasant) and worrying.  I had been concerned that Jas would not take to her new sibling, that she would feel surpassed in our affections, surplus to requirements.  Resentful, maybe.  As you can see, my apprehensions were unfounded.  The above photograph was taken when Sonny was less than 12 hours old and captures the very first time that Jas saw his face.  It is one of my very favourites.  The look of wonder on the beautiful face of my encapsulates exactly how I feel every time I view both of my babies.  Proud, happy and amazed.

This post is Jen's entry into the Printerpix Photo competition.

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