Sunday, 24 February 2013

What they don't tell you about girls

I recently read a post on girls, and the things people should tell you about what to expect from them.  It mentions the tantrums, the glitter, and the all-consuming pinkness of them.  To be honest, I was expecting it all.  What nature presented me with, though, was something altogether different.

Here are a few facts about my daughter:

She knows best.  Even when she is wrong, she is absolutely, completely confident in her opinion and will not be swayed.

She can talk for England.  Seriously.  To me, to Daddy, to her brother; to friends, to family, even to her toys.  I've frequently walked in on her talking to herself.

She is loud.  Properly, ear-splittingly loud.

She is fearless, agile and energetic.  Three attributes that can prove a panic-inducing combination!  The above photo was taken when she was just two years old.  I'm amazed I survived it.

She loves football and mud...but also ballet.

She likes to change her name, on occasion.  Usually to Tom.  During these times, she will categorically refuse to answer to anything else.  Particularly her actual name, or any variation thereof.

Sometimes, she wants to be a boy.

She is BOSSY. 

She hates having her hair tied up, however beautiful it makes her look.  She wants to grow it though.

She refused to wear a dress solidly between the ages of 18 months and 3 years.  About a year ago, I bought her a beautiful example and she made me take it back to the shop!  Occasionally she will wear one now, but usually only with leggings and often only with bribery.

She is very funny and has already grasped sarcasm.  I have no idea where she picked that up from though (ahem).

The one thing I do agree with, however, is that she has her Daddy wrapped round her little finger. Several times!

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