Sunday, 2 December 2012

Happy birthday, Jasmine

Dear Jasmine

So, it would appear birthday number four is on the horizon. I won't lie, I am struggling with this birthday, this number. Four sounds so large. When I remember your newborn self, 7lbs 2oz of pink, sweet-smelling squish, four is too large. Unimaginable.

Yet you fit it well. I may struggle with four but others have seen it for months. Your language, your interests, your maturity. Daddy says sometimes he looks at you and sees five. FIVE! One day.

But today you are three and tomorrow, at 10:51 precisely, you will be four.

Thank you for the last year. For me, it has been a tough one but your humour and love have seen me through. You have made me laugh probably more than anyone else and I am, as always, a very proud mummy. Very.

Despite feeling a little sad that you are getting so big, I know you will continue to thrive. Your love of life and of learning will make you an excellent four year old; my very favourite.

See you in the morning!

All my love

Mummy xxxx

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