Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Traditions

This Christmas has been vastly different for the children and myself.  With one vital person missing, everything feels (for me, at least) strange, surreal.  The children are also getting to an age to really appreciate the festivities; to anticipate the 25th with much excitement.

So, this year, we have made new traditions.  Jasmine, for the first time, has written all of her own cards, and mine; a tradition that I hope will continue for many a year!  They have each had an advent calendar, and Jasmine has searched for the correct day's number every morning, now recognising two figure numbers as easily as 1-9.  We have made salt dough handprint tree decorations, stained glass window biscuits, and pretty cupcakes.  Jasmine and Sonny have decorated the tree with no help - the pride in their faces!  And, yesterday evening, they made their own mince pies for Father Christmas to enjoy tonight.

This evening, the children will find new pyjamas on their pillows and we will read a Christmas story, hang stockings on their bedroom door, arrange food and drink for Father Christmas and his reindeer and then they will, I hope, sleep soundly for a few hours. 

What happens between bedtime and sunrise is a mystery to me, but I cannot wait to see their faces when they wake to overflowing stockings and piles of gifts beneath the tree :) 

Merry Christmas to you all!

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