Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas, and the Suspicious 4 Year Old

This year, I was the only adult in the house for Christmas, and in the weeks preceeding.  It has been tough, I've not enjoyed most of it, and found it particularly difficult in the run up to Christmas.  With two small children in tow pretty much 24/7, I had to take them with me shopping; sneaking items into the basket when no one was looking and hoping for the best.

Occasionally, Jas spotted something in the basket or at the checkout and asked if it was for her, at which point I expressed surprise at its presence and hastily put it back.  I thought I had been very careful.

Turns out not much gets past my daughter. She woke at 4 o'clock this morning, before I'd managed to get to sleep, grabbed her stocking from her bed and raced to the lounge to open it with me, and her brother, who was woken by Jasmine excitedly squeaking that Santa had been.

Within five minutes, I had heard the following:

"Isn't it funny how Santa uses the same wrapping paper as you do, Mummy?"

"Wow, look, Santa got me the same pencil case that you bought me in Morrisons the other day,"

"Oh. This is the Hello Kitty mug that you bought at the weekend. Has Santa been stealing your presents to give to me?"

I didn't say much, to be honest. I was terrified of giving the game away and willed her to just stop talking and being such an inquisitive and intelligent child for once. Question everything, someone once told me. It seems Jas was born with this as her motto.

Eventually, she came to the conclusion that Santa had just been naughty and not only taken some of the presents I had bought her and passed them off as his own, but used up the last of my wrapping paper too. Daddy and I at least now know how careful we have to be next year. This child will not be fooled unless we are meticulous.

Happily, despite the aforementioned rocky start to the day, the children both had a lovely day filled with love, laughter and a fair few presents. Lucky children indeed.

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