Monday, 31 October 2011


Today, Mini had her first experience of trick or treating, and boy, did she have fun!  The evening did not start so well as, whilst creating a beautiful autumn picture, Mini looked sad and, upon questioning, revealed that she was upset that it was Halloween and yet her friends had not come to see her.  In actuality, we were not expecting them.  Mini's Halloween party is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon but she had seen all of the pumpkins, skeletons and other assorted decorations outside and assumed that partying was imminent.

Fortunately, when faced with the opportunity to dress up as a beautiful pumpkin and walk the streets collecting chocolate, Mini managed to smile again.  There was a slight wobble when she thought that her outfit was a dress (unacceptable, to Mini) but I managed to allay her fears by pairing it with burnt orange trousers thereby turning it into a "top".

When finally outside, Mini was so "incited", as she says, and was literally hopping up and down outside people's doors.  I had to laugh, as did everyone who opened the door to this tiny toddler pumpkin with her blonde hair and Converse trainers.  She was just so cute.  Not in the least bit scary, and not caring, just having a great time, giggling away.  And every time a door was answered and she was given a treat, she would walk away grinning as though it was the last thing she had expected.  Every time, she would show me the contents of her pumpkin bucket and exclaim, "I love that lady for giving me a chocolate; lucky, lucky me," with wide-eyed wonder and heartfelt gratitude.

Yes, she was spoilt by our neighbours, but she just loved dressing up and getting involved and I am very proud of her for being brave enough to knock on doors all by herself, in the dark, with hairy spiders hanging from various places.  I couldn't have done it tonight, let alone when I was two.

Although I don't have to worry about being scared of spiders because, "I will good after you, Mummy; I am not at all scared of spiders."

(Yes, she does think it's "good after" and not "look after".  Gorgeous, isn't it?)

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