Sunday, 16 October 2011

25 Things To Do Before I'm 25

I turned 24 this month.  To me, this means one thing - this time next year I will be 25.

I will have been on the planet for a quarter of a century.

With this is mind, I quickly realised that there are still so many things I want to achieve, or simply to experience, and decided to challenge myself to fit 25 of them into the next 12 months.

Here is my list:

Write a novel - this has been on my to-do list since I was about 12 years old, and I aim to begin my novel on 1st November 2011, as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge.

Read a new book every month - one a month may not sound like a lot, but when you have two children under the age of three, it is a real achievement to find the time to read anything at all!

Start learning to drive and pass my theory test - I have wanted to drive since I was 17 and never got round to it, but I think now is the right time.  If I don't do it soon, I may never!

Cook a new recipe once a week - I love to cook, but can get into the habit of cooking the same dishes over and over again so think that this challenge is an important one.  It will also (hopefully) expose my children to new and wonderful flavours and cultures.

Pass the next module on my degree course - therefore bringing me one step closer to my BA.

Visit Thorpe Park and go on everything - just because I never have.

Swim in the sea - I used to look forward to doing this every summer, but haven't for as long as I can remember, certainly not since having children.  It's about time I got back into it!

Visit Amsterdam - everyone should have a travel goal.  Mine is realistic for us at the moment - just about affordable if we're sensible.

Host a dinner party - a chance to try out my signature dishes on people I'm not related to.  Who wants to come?!

Take Sonny to Spain to see the grandparents he has not yet met - think this one is self-explanatory!

Play a game of crazy golf - nope, never done this, either.

Ride a quad bike or similar - for the fun of it, and because Jas would think I was awesome if I did it.

Visit Stonehenge - because it has always intrigued me.

Go to a greyhound race meeting (or whatever it's called) - again, something I've never done but always wanted to do.

Save money towards our wedding - so that I can finally be Mrs. Ellis.

See Lulworth Cove - to see if I can take a photo as good as those that I have seen.

Visit Lancing College - it's only round the corner, seems silly not to.

Take the children to Legoland - because seeing them that excited would make me happy...and because I've never been either.

Cook with Jas at least once a week - in the last few months, Jas has perfected her egg-cracking technique to the extent that she is now better at it than I am.  My aim is to introduce her to new techniques to expand her knowledge and love of cooking.

Take Sonny on a boat - I think he would enjoy this.

Eat at Interwok - because it sounds amazing and I've been meaning to go since it opened.

Pick a pumpkin from a farm and carve it - with Halloween approaching, this seems easily achievable.

Visit Harrods - never been!

Take the children to Hamleys at Christmas - I don't know who would be more excited by this - them or me!

Learn how to play chess - because I had lessons when I was 10 and have since forgotten what I learnt.  This annoys me.

So, with the goals outlined above, I'd better get on and start completing them.  I promise to blog about my progress!


  1. We're going to achieve 2 of these this week!

  2. Fabulous, I look forward to it!

  3. I would love to go to hamleys at christmas. i think i would enjoy more then my daughter x

  4. What book are you going to start with? Oh, and you might want to brace yourself for Hamleys at Christmas - come armed with sharp elbows and a lock on your wallet.....(and then enjoy!)

    Oh, and happy birthday too!

  5. @The Life of Mrs P - I will definitely enjoy it more than my children...I think I could even go without them!

    @planb - I'm not sure what book to start with, I usually buy them from charity shops but need to stock up again. Having said that, we have a few boxes still unopened from when we moved in March (!) and I think there's a copy of One Day somewhere that I should probably give a go.
    And I must be mad because Hamleys at any time of year is pretty stressful for me as I like to browse undisturbed without crowds...