Thursday, 1 August 2013

Roasted red pepper fritatta

Continuing on my quest to make interesting vegetarian food, I made this fritatta. I sliced and then roasted two red (and two green) peppers in olive oil at 150 degrees for an hour.  Next, I emptied the contents of six eggs into a jug with half a cup of milk and a handful of grated cheese before whisking.  I stirred in the roasted peppers and poured the mixture into a hot frying pan before leaving to cook for five minutes.  To finish off the cooking process, I sprinkled more cheese on top and placed under a hot grill for 90 seconds.

Et voila - fritatta.

I have since seen the fritatta described as "crustless quiche" and would definitely feel more confident in adding further ingredients next time.  Caramelised red onion would work wonderfully as would bacon, although the latter is, clearly, not vegetarian.

Next up on my vegetarian adventure?  How to make a decent vegetarian Sunday roast.  I am, as yet, still unconvinced that this is even possible.

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