Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sofas made for snuggling

Few things appeal to me more than cuddling up on the sofa with my husband, watching something (or, more frequently, not much at all) on the television.  It is my favourite way to relax and enjoy the quiet time between the children's bedtime and our own.  It doesn't particularly matter what we talk about, if we talk at all, nor what we watch on TV; it doesn't matter whether we read or just be.  What is crucially important, however, is the choice of sofa.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a sofa.  Price is often a top priority, as is comfort and, of course, style.  For great savings and sale items, click  After value for money, my main consideration is space - I adore large sofa cushions; the bigger, the better.  Recently, I have favoured the corner sofa for space and comfort, finally purchasing one at the end of last year.  Ours is not your regular corner sofa in that it is more rounded, but it meets our current needs.

If we had a bigger lounge, I would definitely be after a sofa similar to the one pictured below.  I love the huge cushions and can imagine snuggling up with hubby and our two little ones every evening.  The colour is practical for a young family and the price, at less than £500, is an absolute bargain.
                            Madrid Beautiful Italian Designer Fabric Corner Sofa - Black Or Brown
Another item on my wishlist is this, ever so aptly named, cuddle sofa.  I am not sure if my husband would be so keen as it would be difficult to have much personal space, but I can imagine it being wonderfully cosy. 

Cuddle Swivel Chair - Black N Grey or Brown N Beige - Available With Any Sofa In Any Colour

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