Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Said Sonny to Mary

Vire, France; approaching 35 degrees.  We sought solace in the town's church with its picturesque history and cool shade.  It quickly became apparent that Sonny had never been inside a church before.  He looked around in confused awe.  Jasmine, who has recently become quite the Catholic, took his hand and showed him Mary.  The lit candles caught his attention first and he swept up to them, attempting to extinguish them with blustery breaths.  Jasmine caught his hand and told him to stop.

"Don't blow out other people's wishes!"

They stopped together at the foot of Mary's statue, dwarfed and in its shadow.  Jasmine said a prayer then stood aside for Sonny to take his turn.  At first he was reticent and shy, but Jasmine reassured him that he just had to ask Mary to look after his favourite people, that was all.

"Hello Mary," he said, then waited.  "Jasmine," he said after a moment, "she isn't talking to me!"

"It's ok," Jasmine replied.  "She will still definitely be listening to you.  Carry on."

"Mary," Sonny continued, "please look after Thomas and all his friends.  Percy, James, Henry, Gordon, Rosie, Emily, 'Arry and Burt, Mavis and all the Diesels. Thank you."

He went to walk away then stopped and turned to face Mary once more.

"Oh, and a happy birthday to you," he said.

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  1. How sweet! And well done to Sonny for remembering all those names xx

  2. So cute! Your daughter sounds very 'in the know'!

  3. Ha ha that's a classic! Nice to know he's looking out for the engines ;)

  4. awww thats the most fantastic thing ever!! what a star! thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  5. and all the engines, amen! so sweet!