Monday, 20 June 2011

The One Where Mini Won't Listen

Mini is an incredible child.  She has been early to reach milestones right from the start, she has an amazing vocabulary for a toddler, she is interested in and enthusiastic about everything, she is always willing to give something a go, she is polite, funny, fiercely independent and has a better taste in music than I do.

But at the moment, she does not want any authority.  Sometimes, it is just a case of asking that she dress herself, or put her own shoes on, or clean her own teeth.  When she's in a good mood, this is fine, and we are happy to compromise with her and offer help when it is, inevitably, still needed.

However, there are times when she will not listen to a word we say.  We can tell her ten or 20 times to do something and she will either ignore us, or refuse, or do the opposite of what we've asked.  These exchanges usually end up with her in the naughty corner, crying.  Crying is what she does instead of screaming tantrums.  Loud crying, so that we know she is upset.  She is usually like this because she's tired, but sometimes it's just for the sake of it, and all four of us are in bad moods by the end of the episode.

Please tell me it's just an age thing!


  1. I think I may have Mini's twin. Articulate for a toddler, great when we are in company, but incredibly bossy and independent minded, her favourite phrase is "i do it" and meltdown follows when i don't let her

  2. Sounds just like her! She is forever stating that she would like to "do it my own self"