Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I like to make plans.  And lists.  Always with the lists.  However, I often find myself agreeing with the above sentiment.  Life does seem to have a way of noticing your plans then raising the game.  I've had many plans; every time, life has surprised me with an interesting alternative.

I planned to finish my exams, go to Uni, train to be a teacher.

In reality, I dropped out, floundered for a bit, then met my future husband.

I planned to travel.

In reality, I became a mother.  I can't thank life enough for interrupting this plan.

I planned to complete my OU degree in social work.

In reality, I found myself looking to adopt a baby, which gave me huge, invaluable insight into the future I was working so hard to achieve.  I quickly realised it was not the job for me.

I planned to spend my earnings on driving lessons.

In reality, after a few short lessons, I found out I was expecting my son; a discovery which cost me both my job and my lessons.  I count my boy-shaped blessings every day on this one.

There are further examples, but I think I've made my point.

There are still many, many things I would like to do.  Study, travel, decorate, save, progress, attain, provide, write.  I no longer plan to do them, though.  I have no doubt that I WILL do them, but I find detailed plans too restrictive and, when they inevitably change, disappointing.

This year, my plan is larger, yet less specific.  I plan to build a safe, secure and HAPPY life for my children; whatever that entails, wherever it takes us.  As a family, we have big ideas for the future, but no concrete plans.  We have learnt to accept, nay expect, that life will throw us the biggest challenges when we're not looking for them.  And, this year, we're fully-armed and prepared for whatever happens to be just around the corner. 

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