Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Happy Birthday, Sonny

Dear Sonny

I cannot believe that a year has passed since the last birthday.  It seems impossible to me that you can now be a whole two years old and yet I cannot imagine life without you.  You have changed so much in the last year, my boy.  I find myself watching you daily, studying the way you line up all of your vehicles in the hall (or on the sofa, the table, the patio, your bed...) and talk to them, one by one, trying to tattoo the memory onto my mind.

You are now a proper little boy, a keen talker and lover of all things Thomas.  Your speech is amazing; I love the way you tell me you love me, and say "I want cuddle for ya,".  I love that when I call you my prince, you give me the serious face and tell me that no, your name is Sonny, actually.  All of these things I want to remember.

You don't know this, but I set my alarm for 06:10 yesterday so that I could sneak into your bedroom and whisper the first happy birthday at the precise moment that you turned 2.  I kissed your beautiful face and wished for your next year to be full of happiness.  I hope you had the best birthday.  I don't know how much you understood, but I know you like your presents - the look on your face when you opened them was priceless.  I am looking forward to spending the following weeks and months playing together with these toys, attempting to teach you whilst realising that I am really the one who is learning..

I love you to the moon and back, my prince.

Mummy xxx

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