Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Potty List

Published recently by Cow and Gate as part of their Little Oneders campaign, The Potty List is a collection of 36 activities for toddlers to crayon off before their third birthday.  When I first heard that the list had been compiled, I must admit I assumed it was just another way of comparing children against one another.  However, upon closer inspection, I'm happy to say that it is simply a lighthearted collection of activities that most children can do, and probably will have already done by the time they reach three years old.

So here it is, The Potty List,:

1.  Make a mud pie
2.  Bake a cake (and taste the mix to make sure it's a good one, of course)


3.  Finger paint

4.  Sing loudly in public
5.  Climb a big hill
6.  Pick fruit
7.  Dance with no inhibitions
8.  Make sandcastles on the beach (or a sand boat)

9.  Be chased by a monster
10.  Jump in a puddle

11.  Belly-flop
12.  Feed the ducks

13.  Blow bubbles
14.  Have a teddy bear's picnic/tea party

15.  Choose a favourite book

16.  Ride on the top of a double-decker bus
17.  Visit a museum
18.  Ride on a train

19.  Feed an animal

20.  Grow cress in the shape of their name
21.  Wear pants on their head
22.  Ride the tea cups at the fairground
23.  Fly a paper aeroplane
24.  Poo in the bath (!)
25.  Stay the night away from home
26.  Ride on Daddy's shoulders

27.  Scribble somewhere they shouldn't

28.  Clean their own teeth
29.  Answer the phone

30.  Master a party piece
31.  Have a first love

32.  Buy something in a shop
33.  Set their sights on a future career...

34.  Tell a fib (the more OTT, the better!)
35.  Make up an inappropriate nickname for somebody
36.  Break something valuable

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